A Fantastic Review – Thank you from all the Harding Laity team!

Dear ALL,

Would you be so kind as to enter this review on your website.

Being an executor, responsible for the sale of a property in St.Ives, my obvious first move was to find a firm of Estate Agents. Although a native of St.Ives, I had moved to Sussex over 50 years before and therefore was not in a position to supervise the sale at close quarters. This problem was compounded by the fact the house in question was subject to settlement at the rear of the premises.

One establishment stood out for me and that was Harding Laity. I chose them because I had known the Laity family since I was a boy and it was in fact, the only ‘ Local ‘firm I recognized. Of course after such a period of time this company had changed and to my surprise now consisted of an ‘ All Female ‘ Staff.
At first I must admit I wondered if these ladies, without the assistance of a ‘ male back-up ‘ would perform well in what can be a very competitive business, especially bearing in mind the problems that existed due to settlement/subsidence to the house in question.

It was waste of time worrying. Those young ladies were absolutely brilliant. The advice I was given was sound and I was also furnished with contact numbers, including South West Water, Mining Search, Local Surveyors and Draining Inspection Contractors, in an effort to identify and rectify the problem. In my view they really went beyond what could be expected of them and for that I am extremely grateful. Equally important was their attitude, which was always positive – never negative, which meant a lot with my being so far from the problem which was rather protracted.

I also found it heartening that whenever I had a query, if the person I asked to speak to was not available (everyone needs days off now and again ) I was either updated, my query answered or my call returned.

At my age, I doubt I will be in a position where I am responsible for disposing of a property under similar circumstances, but if I were, I would not hesitate in contacting Harding Laity or recommending anyone else to do so.

Mr P Stevens.’